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Now that’s a tile floor. Come on man!

Hello there!

This floor was installed for one of my best friends, and it came out AWESOME.  Kyle and his wife picked out the greatest colors and after we finished this basement remodel it was just quite simply stunning.  We are almost done…just a few more details to add to the wet bar and new bathroom…but look at this floor!


It looks good even before the grout!  Just for reference, here the same basement before we got started:


There’s a lot more to the amazing new space which has tons of new light, a lot of storage rooms, a wet bar with island social table, new bathroom and closets.  It’s a great example of KC Key Solutions working with great customers like these – the end result was above expectations.

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Have a good weekend, Ryan

Bathroom stubs in the basement – we’re on it!

Hello there friends,

We’ve been busy at it remodeling a couple of basements in the area…and recently we needed to do a little extra work and jack hammer out the concrete to get to move the sewer pipes per a customer request!  Here’s a shot ready for our plumber to come in:


I know that it might be hard to tell, but this will actually end up being a shower drain and we are installing an acrylic enclosure over it this week.  Sometimes our customers don’t realize what it takes to add a shower in a basement…and sometimes it starts with the jackhammer and a little elbow grease.

I’ll take a picture of the shower after it’s installed, and probably take a shower because I’ll need it 😉

Thank you everyone, I’ll be back soon!  Ryan

Grand Opening at KC Key Solutions this Friday!

Good morning everyone!

I know that it’s been a little bit since I last blogged…that’s because we’ve been busy gearing up for our Grand Opening that is this FRIDAY right here at the KC Key Solutions office!

We are taking the afternoon off to spend a little time with our customers and friends in Spring Hill at noon – July 22, 2016.  This will mean some good BBQ and maybe even a fun surprise or two.



Stop by and grab a hot dog if you have time!  It’s This Friday at noon at KC Key Solutions in Spring Hill.

123 S. Main Street, Spring Hill, KS 66083 913-686-6278 See you here!

Take care, Ryan

Another basement remodel in the works!

Hi there friends, it’s been a little bit and I apologize.  Last week we had 2 houses to finish painting and also a deck on a restaurant; it’s been a lot of long days to get finished in time before the rain hit Kansas City Sunday…

Now we are working on a basement that was a blank canvas when we started!  Now that the framing is done, we are ready to hang some sheetrock.


We’ve started on the ceiling and you can see in the background the cost bar that the customer wanted in the back nook.  I think it’s going to look fantastic!


Here’s the bathroom that is going in the back corner; the customer also wants lots of rock accents so we are prepping for that as well.  This is a huge basement that will work well for his three sons.  Can you imagine having your own “man-cave” as a high school student?  These guys are going to be the talk of the school (I hope!)

So today we are back at it…I promise that I’ll be blogging more and talking a little about some of the other projects that we have going on now.  Until then, stay safe, and send some band-aids my way.

Take care, Ryan

Custom Kegerator Installed? No problem.

There’s not much more fun than having your own beer tap in your basement – we’ve done several of these (and even one that I did 10 years ago is still up and running perfectly!)

The “mancave” kegerator beer tap is up near the top of a lot of basement “wish lists”…and we can work with your layout to make the installation look seamless and professional.


Check out the picture above; this keg tower was installed through the countertop so it will drip directly into the sink that we installed in the basement bar.  How convenient is that?  We also put the keg fridge in a closet nearby.  Then we ran the lines through the wall and into this cabinet…for a hidden and clean look.

The result?  Just walk down to the mancave and pull the tap for ice-cold beer at your fingertips.  Plus there’s no drinking and driving because you’re at home!

Gentlemen, here’s a sales pitch for the ladies “the cost per beer is much lower if we buy a keg rather than a 12-pack at a time.  This saves us money so you can schedule that manicure that you’ve been wanting”.  See what I’m saying?  Catch my drift?  These things end up paying for themselves 😉

In all seriousness at KC Key Solutions we’ll be happy to add your ideas when we’re finishing a basement.  Heck it’s your basement, so let’s talk about the options.  We’ll be as creative as you want us to be.  Just promise that you won’t have more than one daily beer before breakfast time.

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Have a great weekend, Ryan