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Now that’s a tile floor. Come on man!

Hello there!

This floor was installed for one of my best friends, and it came out AWESOME.  Kyle and his wife picked out the greatest colors and after we finished this basement remodel it was just quite simply stunning.  We are almost done…just a few more details to add to the wet bar and new bathroom…but look at this floor!


It looks good even before the grout!  Just for reference, here the same basement before we got started:


There’s a lot more to the amazing new space which has tons of new light, a lot of storage rooms, a wet bar with island social table, new bathroom and closets.  It’s a great example of KC Key Solutions working with great customers like these – the end result was above expectations.

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Have a good weekend, Ryan

Free Estimates. We’d love to check out your project.

Good morning,

We know that there are home improvement projects that might seem a little too daunting to tackle yourself.  I set out and started KC Key Solutions with the intention to try to “fix” the construction industry in regard to customer service and homeowner expectations.

We want to be the premier service company for your painting, basement finish, deck, remodel, bathroom or kitchen finish.  Heck we do commercial work too; for you small business owners (like myself), I know how hard it can be to get good work done.  KC Key Solutions is here for you.


I’ve personally had several unsavory experiences with different tradesmen over the years, and I’ve often thought to myself “how does this guy stay in business?”  I can remember one time that I almost had to call the police because a repair man was yelling at me, in my own kitchen, because we agreed on one price but then he changed it (after the repair was done) and he wanted to almost double it.  This particular company is a HUGE name in the business in Kansas City as well – and I’ll never call them again.  Not all repairmen are this terrible, and we’re here to change the way people look at our industry.

This is one reason we put our quotes in writing.  The last thing that we want to do to a customer is have any surprises.  We also provide FREE ESTIMATES on the project you’re requesting.  Some projects are very entailed, some are easier to quote – but rest assured we’ll look it over and give you a fair (if not unbeatable) price.   We’re LOW PRESSURE and will only call back if you want us to.  Our work and relationships speak for themselves.

Additionally we’re here to provide an honest service, give good advice, and offer a “value add” to each project.  We’ve got a commercial location with a design room and we’re fully commercially insured on each project (that’s good for you!)  When our customers are happy, we get referrals – and with referrals we keep working.  That what I want…I want to keep working.

So even if we don’t win you over on your next project bid; have us give it a quote anyway.  There’s nothing wrong with a few opinions and price checking.  If we can’t beat another home improvement company’s price we’ll tell you up front, but I doubt that will be the case.  I know that if we work together you’ll have peace of mind because you’ll be able to talk to us, get results and call us back for that next project on the list.

Questions?  Ready for a quote?  Click here to get on the books!

Thanks, Ryan