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Now that’s a tile floor. Come on man!

Hello there!

This floor was installed for one of my best friends, and it came out AWESOME.  Kyle and his wife picked out the greatest colors and after we finished this basement remodel it was just quite simply stunning.  We are almost done…just a few more details to add to the wet bar and new bathroom…but look at this floor!


It looks good even before the grout!  Just for reference, here the same basement before we got started:


There’s a lot more to the amazing new space which has tons of new light, a lot of storage rooms, a wet bar with island social table, new bathroom and closets.  It’s a great example of KC Key Solutions working with great customers like these – the end result was above expectations.

Are you ready for your basement remodel?  Click here to get started!

Have a good weekend, Ryan

The night is still young, how about one more blog.

It’s Friday night, where else would I rather be?  Well, other than work I can think of a lot of places…however here I sit, working away finishing up for the night.  Dandra has fallen asleep on the couch in the customer waiting area; I won’t take a picture of her now but she brought me dinner which was a special treat.

I needed to run out to the car and I snapped this pic outside of our building a few minutes ago:


With the lights on, it’s starting to come together.  Our building is about 110 years old, and it’s the original “Bank of Spring Hill”.  Yes, there’s a vault still inside and we’re making it our “break room”, check it out.  Maybe it should be called our “break in room”?:


This place is old and has a lot of character.  But late at night I still get a little shiver when I go into the vault because I’m afraid some of the local “spirits” might lock me in there!  Maybe that’s just the childhood fear in me but it gets me out of the refrigerator quickly.  We locked the vault door into a permanent “open” position so I’m pretty safe 😉  Yes, there is a combination and it still works.  It’s a fantastic piece of early American craftsmanship in itself!

We will be having a grand opening soon and I will certainly send out some information to make sure that you’re invited too.  We’d love to see you here and have you check out our new space.  Come see our design room; you might just need us yet!

Have a good Friday night, stay safe – Dandra, time to wake up dear…




“Chicken coop” shed roof is complete!

So if you read my blog earlier today, you might have seen that we were putting the finishing touches on an old chicken coop that was converted into a shed…and it turned out great.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 7.46.17 PM.png

The shingles that the customer chose are readily available and economical.  She was excited to get the old roof out of her view and have this brand new Timberline HD High Definition Composition Shingled roof on her building.

This roofing material has a lifetime warranty if installed per the manufacturer’s instructions, so now she’s got a worry-free repair that will outlast the shed itself.  Well, we’ve been hired to repair a few rotten board on the shed, so maybe this beauty will be around for another hundred years or so.  Who knows?  I hope so!

Have a great weekend, I’m going to get some sunburn lotion and ask my wife for a back rub.

See ya, Ryan

Well, I guess we are roofers too!

Hi there friends, this is my first blog here at KC Key.  I’ve been professionally blogging for over 8 years; and I’ve found that I really enjoy typing blogs and it in turn really helps my customers stay in touch with my business and industry news.

KC Key Solutions is a new business for me and it’s taking off better than expected.  After developing and building Mission Repair from 2008 until last month, it was time for me to make a change and get into a new project.  That’s why KC Key Solutions was born.

You might not have known this, even though you may know me…but I’ve got a background in construction and over the years while working with electronics I’ve continued to perform repairs, basement installations, painting, and other general handyman work.  I guess I’m not one to sit around and do nothing.

So we officially got a job installing a new roof on a large shed, and as of yesterday we were also roofers 😉  Roofing is not something that we particularly want to do, but it was actually fun and interesting and the completed project looks amazing.  Here’s a shot of the old roof coming off:


We are finishing the final clean up today so I’ll take a few more pictures as we progressed.  I didn’t think that I would need to invest in so much sunscreen (my arms are burnt!) but now I know I’m going to have to get the rest of my body tan before I hit the beach in June.  I don’t want to be “that guy” the the worst farmer’s tan in St. Lucia 😉

Ok, back to work – that roof isn’t going to finish itself.  Have a good day, Ryan