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Speaking of tile installs, look at this floor we finished!

I just got done blogging about a few tiles that we installed in a customer tub shower enclosure…but now let’s take a look at a few bigger projects that we have just completed!

It’s not always the most comfortable being on your knees for extended periods of time, but after a few huge tile jobs it seems that I’m starting to toughen up a bit.  Here’s a kitchen and dining room tile install that we completed a few weeks ago, and it turned out great.  In fact, this was a “flip house” and it sold quick.  A few upgrades and modifications – it’s amazing what a facelift will do for a house:



There are multiple steps to installing a large ceramic or porcelain tile floor – and the key is the preparation.  It’s typical with most projects, but a level floor makes all the difference.  This floor needed a complete underlayment and backboard installed, mudded and prepped before we could get to the tile floor lay.  It made all the difference.


Cracked tiles? Not for much longer!

Good morning! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged…and that’s not good.  As a professional blogger something just isn’t right until your hands start typing away.  Recently my hands have been busy working swinging a hammer…which also has it’s rewards.  But this just feels right!

We have finished a lot of different projects here at KC Key Solutions in the last several months, and today I’m going to talk about tile.

If you’ve got a single cracked tile, or need a whole kitchen tile floor installed, you can count on us to get the job done.  Here’s a picture of a bathtub wall that I popped out a few cracked tiles, and prepared it for new replacements:


And once we finished setting own the new tiles, it looked like this:


After a day of drying, the entire surround needed to be grouted and this customer was back in business.  How do we replace one tile at a time in an existing installation?  Very carefully!

From “handyman” repairs like this one to full remodels, we’re your experts here at KC Key Solutions.  Give us a call!  913-686-6278.

Have a good morning…Ryan