Custom Kegerator Installed? No problem.

There’s not much more fun than having your own beer tap in your basement – we’ve done several of these (and even one that I did 10 years ago is still up and running perfectly!)

The “mancave” kegerator beer tap is up near the top of a lot of basement “wish lists”…and we can work with your layout to make the installation look seamless and professional.


Check out the picture above; this keg tower was installed through the countertop so it will drip directly into the sink that we installed in the basement bar.  How convenient is that?  We also put the keg fridge in a closet nearby.  Then we ran the lines through the wall and into this cabinet…for a hidden and clean look.

The result?  Just walk down to the mancave and pull the tap for ice-cold beer at your fingertips.  Plus there’s no drinking and driving because you’re at home!

Gentlemen, here’s a sales pitch for the ladies “the cost per beer is much lower if we buy a keg rather than a 12-pack at a time.  This saves us money so you can schedule that manicure that you’ve been wanting”.  See what I’m saying?  Catch my drift?  These things end up paying for themselves 😉

In all seriousness at KC Key Solutions we’ll be happy to add your ideas when we’re finishing a basement.  Heck it’s your basement, so let’s talk about the options.  We’ll be as creative as you want us to be.  Just promise that you won’t have more than one daily beer before breakfast time.

Ready for a free estimate?  Click here to get on the schedule!

Have a great weekend, Ryan

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